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PopCultivate is a chef driven culinary group that is focused on food with science in our DNA. Founded by Scientist turned Chef, Chris Yang (@cheftofer), we uphold our standards to deliver Responsible Dosing: precision in dosing, calculated psychoactive effects, tasteless and odorless solutions.

Let us be your turn-key solution to a food-centric event, with a some of that special spice.

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Scientist Turned Chef

Founder and Executive Chef Chris "Cheftofer" Yang, created PopCultivate out of his two passions, Science and Food.

As a former organic chemist from USC, he unexpectedly refined his knowledge on cannabis science during his years doing research on cancer treatments at the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute. Since then, he has become an established and well-known chef in the Los Angeles culinary scene with features on Food Network, Tastemade, and Go90.


The Science:

The two most common chemicals in cannabis are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabadiol). THC is the compound that gives you the psychoactive effects of feeling "high", while CBD is commonly attributed to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. PopCultivate works with both compounds (and more!). 

We make our own proprietary blend of THC and CBD, which are TASTELESS and ODORLESS. 


Optional Cannabis Infusion:

All food is made WITHOUT cannabis. Our chefs focus on their style of food and make the food the way its suppose to be made, with the taste as its suppose to taste. 

During the dinner, our chefs will dose the food as the last step of the plating process. This way, you are free to opt-in or out of CANNABIS INFUSION throughout the night as you please. 


Responsible Dosing:

At a PopCultivate event, we will infusion cannabis WHENEVER you are ready. Maybe you are ready right away, or maybe after a few courses; maybe you will be ready at the next event. Whenever that is, we will be there to show you the world of cannabis

To us, Responsible Dosing means small controlled doses. Much like a standard alcoholic drink, our standard dose is 5mg. We aim to give everyone a light buzz equivalent to a beer buzz of 2-3 beers, but each guest can request for as many or as little doses throughout the night.