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It all started... a monthly dinner party for some friends. Friends came for the food, conversation, and the company. Then more people wanted to come, and friends brought other friends. Soon a community grew and PopCultivate was born.

PopCultivate is a place of discovery. We provide a place for you to discover chefs, new creative foods, art, music, and most importantly, yourself. Each event serves as a platform for you to find new culture, meet new people, and to leave inspired. So come and discover with us...

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Chris yang

Prior to the culinary world, Cheftofer used to be a scientist. After discovering his passion for food, he turned his science knowledge into cooking techniques and started his journey as a chef. Since then he has been featured on The Food Network, built a culinary incubator, and hosted over 50 popups. He is currently building his first pop-up restaurant in the heart of DTLA.