Where are the event details

Event details are provided to each patron AFTER they reserve a seat. This will include everything from the parking instructions, the entrance, reminders, etc


i have dietary restrictions

At PopCultivate we try to be as accommodating as possible; we would love to welcome anyone who wants to join our community. As we try our best for every patron, sometimes we just can't accommodate for that dinner. That is why we ask that if you have dietary restrictions, please contact us FIRST before reserving a seat at info@popcultivate.com


Dress Code

Whatever suits your style! We just ask that you bring a jacket as the venue gets a bit drafty.



This event is a BYOB (bud and booze) event. Feel free to bring any drinks you may want with your meal, as well as any cannabis you would like to smoke. We are a 420 smoke friendly event and just ask that you respect other patrons by smoking in the smoking section.


cannabis infused menu

At PopCultivate we offer the option to infused medical cannabis with the menu we serve for the night. If you would like to try our infused menu, please be sure to make the selection while you are reserving your seat and remember to bring your medical marijuana patient card.


How High will i get at the dinner?

Being one of the first questions that come to mind for most patrons, we leave the dosing up to you! Just like alcohol at a bar, feel free to get as high or as not-high as you want!


How does dosing work?

We view a standard dose to be equal to the buzz you get from a glass of beer. Obviously this feeling will vary from person to person, just like beer. To achieve that feeling, we infuse about 10-15mg of THC into a non-alcoholic cocktail that we make. The idea is to treat the THC cocktail like a beer; have one, wait about 30 minutes, and see how many more you can have.


Do I need a Medical marijuana card?

The events are all 21+. To enjoy the medicated menu, we do ask that you bring a valid ID as well as your Medical Marijuana Card. If you would like to get a card before the event, you can do so via online services (www.hellomd.com) or any establishments in your area. Contact us with any additional questions!

what is the return policy?

All ticket purchases are final sales, but we do understand sometimes conflicts arise. Please email us with your name and new event date you would like to apply your ticket to and we will do our best to accommodate.

questions? email - info@popcultivate.com