Catering and Private Dinners



Enjoy a special dinner at your home, for a party, or just because. Pick a sample package that best fits your occasion, let us know what you like to eat, and we will create a unique menu just for you! Any package can be infused with cannabis if your party is up for it!


Let's make your dinner an experience!




Walkin Items

  • Non-Alcoholic Craft Cocktail
  • H'ors D'oeuvre #1
  • H'ors D'oeurve #2

Plated Items

  1. Plated Amuse Bouche
  2. Salad or Seasonal Appetizer
  3. Hot Appetizer or Soup
  4. Main Entree #1
  5. Main Entree #2
  6. Plated Dessert
  7. Communal Dessert
  8. Coffee or Tea


Family style dining will start with two h'ors d'oeurves and a non-alcoholic craft cocktail.

Immediately after the dinner starts, a plated Amuse Bouche will be served as everyone gets settled in. Then the night will be followed with a starter (soup, salad, or appetizer). The main entree and two side dishes will follow served family style. To finish the night, we will have a plated dessert as well as coffee/tea for everyone




A stationery appetizer station will be serving two h'ors d'oeurves and a non-alcoholic craft cocktail for guests while they wait to start.

The buffet can consist of a salad or seasonal appetizer, a main entree, and two dish dishes. To finish, we will have a plated or communal dessert offering


  • Wine Pairing
  • Medical Cannabis Pairing
  • Medical Cannabis Infusion


  • Venue Rental
  • Equipment Rental
  • Bar Service
  • Waiting Staff
  • Deep-Clean Sanitation Service